User Manual

Advantages of leasing

Conserves capital///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

• Conserves cash.
• Preserves working capital and bank lines of credit
• Buy what appreciates - lease what depriciates

Tax Advantages////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

• Potencial income tax benefits.
• No pre-payment of taxes.

Fixed Costs////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

• 100% term financing.
• Fixed payments through the term of the lease.

faciliTATES budgeting////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

• The fixed payment simplifies the budget process.
• Terms: monthly, quarterly, annually, seasonal and more.
• Simply and convenient process.

Also available (C.V.C.)

conditional sales contracts

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Our expertise in establishing financing programs within targeted equipment markets enables us to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable support for all stages of your business.

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What information I need

• Legal name and complete business

• Full address, including zip code, and telephone numbers

• Number of years in business

• Complete description of the equipment