ABS live bottom trailers offer a number of key features that make
our trailers the first choice among our customers.


Conveyor mechanism///////////////////

The conveyor built into the chassis moves the load towards the rear door without the risk of side spillage associated with the unloading of traditional dumper trailers.

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2 hydraulic motors////////////////////

2 planetary reducers//////////////////

Located at the side rear, a main sprocket gear shaft pulls the conveyor even when it's fully loaded.

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Canvas cover mechanism/////////////

We design and build hte fully adapted tarp cover system that comes with every live-botton trailer we manufacture to ensure that our customers can operate in rain, wind, and snow.

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Technical specs


RC 339

Length: 38’ 10” or 11,84 M

Volume: 41 cu./ya. or 31 cu./m. water level

weight: 8,800 kg or 19 140 pds. +/- 2%

Height Sides: 126” or 3,2 m. at highest point

max height: 140” or 3,56 m. at highest point


« ABS live bottom trailers provide great stability when unloading, plus they’ve improved our paving quality and efficiency. One of our favorite features is the insulation, which keeps the asphalt in the bin warm even on the coldest winter days. »

Serge Daunais
Pavages Maska Inc
St-Dominique Quebec